escape game clock

How to Beat the Clock:

  1. Don’t start with an advanced game if this is your first time playing.
  2. Follow the RULES. They were put in place for your safety and to ensure you have the best experience possible.
  3. Listen to the Cryptologists. They’re there to help!
  4. Work as a team: Make sure everyone in your group sees all the clues and that you communicate often – speaking up ensures everyone hears what you are saying.
  5. Recognize people will have different skill sets and strengths. If someone proves to be good at something, let him do it. If someone is struggling with something, switch off and let someone else try.
  6. Take initiative! Try things. Out-of-the-box thinking usually pays off!
  7. Try locks more than once. Locks are meant to be precise. If you’re off by a little bit they don’t open. They are designed to keep people out!
  8. It’s important to look EVERYWHERE but use LOGIC:
    • We do not hide clues in electrical outlets or dangerous locations.
    • If it’s glued down, then guess what? Don’t pick it up.
    • If an item has a “Don’t Touch Sticker” on it, then you are not supposed to touch it.
    • The game requires brains, not brawn. There is never a time when you will need to force something to open. You are not a Superhero and the game was not designed for one.
  9. Use the skills you were taught in kindergarten: Share information, be patient, and allow others to contribute their opinion.
  10. Don’t forget to use your FREE clues, but use them wisely! If you wait too long, you might not leave yourself enough time to complete the mission.
  11. Work quickly but never rush or run. The best teams work swiftly, methodically, and calmly. Teams that work too fast can miss clues!
  12. When finished with small items, such as keys or locks, putting them in the basket provided in the room will make it easier for you to visually see your progress and gauge how much you have done and what you still need to do. NEVER, EVER put keys or small items in your pockets. Many a team has stood by the final door watching the clock run out and wondering what went wrong only to discover that well-meaning Brad put the key in his pocket for safekeeping. Seriously, you can’t take Brad anywhere!
  13. Feel free to use our complimentary baskets to secure any personal items. Don’t forget to grab your items when you leave and make sure all of OUR items stay behind like clues, keys, and locks.
  14. Enjoy the moment and have a good time! Remember you’re playing a GAME and games are FUN! (BTW, if your name really is Brad, sorry if we have offended you, and still please play our game!)