By signing our waiver, you have agreed to comply with ALL rules and instructions given by our Cryptologists. Rules are for your safety and that of other guests. As far as safety goes, we’re not really sure that anything could happen when solving a bunch of puzzles, but if you happen to see a marauding band of pirates… just saying… you may want to hide!

  1. Photography and videography are prohibited in the game rooms.
  2. No cell phone use is allowed during the game. Step out of the room if you must take an emergency call, and turn off ringers during play.
  3. Food is prohibited in the game rooms.
  4. No technology or devices may be used during the game.
  5. You will not find clues in dangerous locations. Clues are never in outlets, light sockets, vents, fans, or doorknobs; neither are they under light switches, door frames, or baseboards. If it looks like it’s not part of the game –it’s not part of the game! Likewise, if an item is glued down or has a “Don’t Touch Sticker” on or nearby it –it may be a visual clue, but it’s not supposed to be picked up or touched.
  6. The game requires brains, not brawn. Force is never required. You are not a Superhero and the game was not designed for one.
  7. Work quickly but never rush or run. The best teams work swiftly, methodically, and calmly. Teams that work too fast can miss clues!
  8. Follow the rules. We have cameras in the rooms so we can help you with the game; therefore we will know if you break the rules! Failure to abide by the rules will result in your being pulled from the game without a refund. sadface